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Classroom in a Book

So, I’ve started on my reading for my ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) exam in July. Which I am hoping I’ll pass as I’ve never sat for an exam since my O levels at 17. It’s funny, because I’ve used Photoshop for 10 years now, but I’ve never actually READ or studied anything about it. Going thru a mock paper yesterday I was asking myself, ok this should be easy to pass. You just have to put it in words what you usually do with your mouse. But each question proved to be quite hard as I’m skipping them, mainly because I don’t know the answers from the multiple choices, they all seem so similar to answer. By the way the mock paper is for the ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) exam. So it is supposed to be concise and easier.

Example question: Which of the following steps will you perform to make a default view for color channels in a color?

A. Choose Edit > Preferences > Interface, and then select Show Channels in the Color check box.

B. Choose Windows > Channels, and then select the eye icon on the left corner of the layer in the Channels panel.

C. In the Channels panel, select Preferences > Interface and then Show Colors.

D. Choose View > Channels, and then select the eye icon.

All the answers look almost the same. Wait, how many ways are there? I’m so utterly confused, and I can feel my panic mode already. Getting certified is something that put myself as a goal for this year but I also came to the understanding that I’m not so expert afterall, even after using it for nearly a decade! I need to start thinking and dreaming about Photoshop terminologies soon.

Photoshop CS4 advertisement

Adobe Photoshop CS4 advertisement

So… I requested from the boyfriend to buy me a book that Adobe recommended; Classroom in a Book, the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. Hopefully the book is not thick enough, so that I can lug it around during my Starbucks tea breaks, train rides and those moments when I’m just circling about my 3-room flat.


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