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रंग बरसे…

An amazing AND COLOURFUL weekend spent with just the girls together with some friends. We all went to the 3rd annual event of Rang De Holi held in that open space next to Kembangan CC, organized by the Bhojpuri Society of Singapore.

Holi at one point was an Indian-only event. Today, it has become and celebrated as one of the key multi-racial events in Singapore. Indian, Chinese, Malay and Caucasians alike all came together to celebrate this colourful fiesta akin to maybe Mardi Gras? Dancing to Bollywood music, singing and having fun with friends and family at the same time. I also recently discovered thru my blog feeds, that Holi is even revered in S. Korea! That’s right, where Gangnam Style was born! How amazing! In time when war has been declared, festivals and celebrations bring race and religion together as one people. Peace to all.




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