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Road trip

I’m so excited about my trip tomorrow. Something that I’ve never experienced before, I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t been to Malacca in ages and I’m so glad that our next sketching subject is Malacca. I await to see what’s in store during that 5 hour trip. And what more, with other like minded fellow creatives.

Update soon!


Update: 28 July 2013, 12:22am

I’m gonna update tomorrow because I’m so uber tired right now. Plus my roaming data doesn’t seem to be working! (Damn you Singtel). We had quite a walk a bought, ate in alk the nice famous places. So need to sleep right now.

Update: 28 July 2013, 10.30pm

Finally back to Singapore. I’m absolutely knackered and my bag is heavy. It has been an interesting trip so far. I wished it was less hot as I got totally baked in the sun! 😦
Malacca is an amazing place. For those who didn’t know, Malacca town made it to the list on the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. A mix of European, Chinese and Peranakan all blended in one little community – so pretty. And the rich heritage is amazing. I enjoyed my time with my group, walking about town, trying different things. Getting inspiration, and sitting down nearly for an hour to sketch.


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