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How Should Singapore Evolve Into The Next Era?

The Heart Truths

I was interviewed by Dr Kieran James, a Professor in Accounting at University of Fiji Saweni, for the blog Joo Chiat Road Online. Below is an excerpt of the interview. 

Question: Please first of all tell us why and how you first became an opposition supporter.

I won’t say that I am an opposition supporter per se. Rather, I believe that Singapore needs a coalition government that is representative of the needs of the people. Within this coalition government, the PAP might make up between 20% to 35% of the seats, because this would be the proportion of the population that would have their values aligned to the PAP’s dogma. The Worker’s Party would take up about 30% of the seats, with the rest shared by the other political parties. This is how I believe a representative government, at this point in time, would look like.

Down the road, when…

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