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Happy Feet

Eeek! So I got my first paycheck, and what did I do with it?

Spent it. Not all… Obviously, duh!

Still got leftover lah, considering it’s only midmonth.

I must admit, I’ve spent quite bit during the 5-day CNY break. Which was also eeek!
What exactly? The couple of cab rides, the Starbucks lattes? NOOO!!!!!

Well I am a bit proud of myself because I managed to somewhat budget well. Paying off the things I have to pay off FIRST, loading up my transport card and putting aside money for work lunches. Next, it was buying the essential things like shoes. Yes shoes. I’ve got a sorry collection of shoes I tell you. I had a nice pair of comfy Crocs Adrina Flats which I bought in 2011, and it has now gone so worn. Too worn and dangerous to walk on wet grounds. Bad news although I love it so much, I had to get a new pair but they didn’t have that collection anymore! :((( Tried to get it online but that too was quite sparse – and costly!
So went back to the Crocs store and got myself a similar pair, Crocs Carlie Flats.


Snazzy candy eh? Forgive the feet. I know I need a pedicure soon.

 $84. I console myself saying that it’s one of the things on my essentials list. I was still ok for the rest of the week. Until I remembered that I had a wedding to attend on the weekend and I have no dress shoes! *Panic!* So I went to shop again, that week. Got myself a nice decent pair of black heels and that’s when the whole ‘I think I should get this too’ thoughts started and I couldn’t keep up with my spending after that.

I hesitantly looked at my bank balance at the end of the 5-day weekend… not too bad. I surprised myself actually. Pat on the back for doing ok… with two weeks left till the end of the month. I’m definitely not complaining now as I had a fulfilling 5-day CNY weekend with my happy feet and great friends, not to mention a fairly ok weather – thankfully! 🙂


Back to the old grind

Got a job within the first week of Jan. Company said I could start immediately. Awesome! Excited as hell, that means RESPECT AND FREEDOM from your folks of not mooching off their resources when you were jobless and penniless. Also not forgetting the moolah every month end.

I cleaned out my wardrobe and started organising it. Work tops this side, dresses to the bottom drawer, pants goes to the last… the works. Love it. First sign of being organised. ❤

Then started to draw out lists. Oh I love lists…. lists of everything to do, everything to buy, agendas for the first quarter of the year. Revived my Pinterest account, Pinning every possible thing I WANT (confusing it with things that I NEED). They literally meant it when they said “Happy Pinning”.

So work started, I was as neat as a whistle on the first day. My long, unruly black hair was washed the night before, conditioned and dried well nicely the next day. I actually used foundation and eyeliner on my face that morning. Like a happy school girl imagining an empty desk with drawers ready to be filled with my love for stationery and blu tacking bits of papers around my monitor, I happily skipped to the bus stop.

I’m glad that I have nice and understanding colleagues. Colleagues who actually take my suggestions seriously. I could tell that they value my expertise in issues when asked. I am no longer the staff who just “does the work”. I have some say, some input. Most importantly I do feel kind of important.


Goofing around with the Mac Pro…

Although the language barrier is still in place, I don’t really have an issue with it like I used to back in school. I mean c’mon, I’ve lived in Singapore since birth. Surely a simple thing like conversational Mandarin could be easy? I’m so used to listening and even responding to it, that it doesn’t feel like a barrier to me, especially among my work team.

Above all, I am glad that I’ve been given a conducive environment to work in and I love the positivity I get from here.

Today would be my second week at work, and I’ve somewhat gotten the hang of it. There’s so much encouragement to hone your skills which is what I’ve filled in between my lunch breaks. I fired up my Behance profile and put up two drawings which I’ve experimented.

It has been my biggest incentive so far, being able to grow as an individual and as a team and I intend to keep that going throughout my stay in the company.

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